Music Lessons

We will help you learn or improve your skills at the guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, drums and vocals. Students of all ages welcome. The beauty is ... you're never too old, or too young to learn music. Everyone has it inside them and it wants to be expressed in different ways. Although very young children may need more support in actually holding their instrument and getting started.

Go For it!

Live Performance

We perform live as a solo, duo and band for private parties, weddings, funerals, birthdays and corporate events. We have performed at countless venues in Hawaii, nationally and internationally. We have also performed on the Norwegian Cruise Pride of America as a dance band and as the Leialoha Hawaiian Duo.

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Music Production

Hear or purchase some of the music we've produced. If you need a custom jingle or original music for promotion, we'd love to help you get what you need. We are currently working on developing a website database with access to our catalog.

Hear, Contract or Licence Production Music with us for your next project

what people are saying about us

Global Accessibility

"I live in Germany but I saw Jason playing in a band while he was touring here in Germany and looked him up and read that he was also a great guitar teacher. So I found him online and now I am learning from a true Master who lives in beautiful Hawaii which I love. It's wonderful that we can do this from such a distance. - Kimo, German resident

Real learning,proven results

"At first I felt intimidated but Jason is so much fun to learn from, he makes it fun and easy for me to learn and master what I need every step of the way... " - Devan, Hawaii resident "...he breaks down the theory so I can get it. Now I play in my own band and I still take lessons from him to improve my craft." Owen, Hawaii resident

Engaging performances

"Anjj & Jason are truly gifted in their ability to perform and connect with audiences from all over the world. Just go to a performance and see how the audience glows and gets involved with their shows." - Phil, Hawaii resident

Online convenience

"I'm a mother of two, have a full-time job and it was so difficult driving through traffic to get my son to his lessons on time. Now that Mr. Jason provides online lessons, it's so much easier....and I can hear my son laughing and getting better at his playing through the door and I can get dinner ready. It's a win-win!" - Lisa, Hawaii residen

Fun teaching style

Mr. Jason is always positive with my son. He's constantly challenging him but also encouraging. It doesn't seem like he ever has a bad he truly enjoys what he does and celebrates enthusiastically when my son masters concepts. My son actually does his homework so that he can be ready for his next lesson which is pretty amazing to say the least. Dan - Hawaii resident

Great original music

"Every time I come to Hawaii, I make it a point to see two of my favorite artists at their live shows: Henry Kapono and Anjj Lee. I have every one of their cds and I'm waiting on the new cd from Anjj and Jason which she said is in the works!" - Steven, Canadian resident